CNS airCourier

The CNS air Courier system is a dedicated airport community system providing couriers and express parcel operators, based in Heathrow and Gatwick, with the means to achieve import and export customs clearance.

Courier Facilities Limited and British Airways, who operate the three main receiving areas at Heathrow and Gatwick, use the CNS air Courier system as their primary means to control the shipment and release of both import and export consignments.

CNS also works closely with the Association of International Courier Express Services (AICES), which represents the industry's views to the UK Government and the European Union (EU). This relationship is fundamental in representing users' views on the future development of the CNS air Courier system.

There are two systems supporting the users of the CNS air Courier system, one for imports and one for exports. The CNS air Courier system provides couriers with a secure and reliable solution for companies importing and exporting goods through UK frontiers via Gatwick and Heathrow. The system includes an inventory control solution as well as a means for registering MUCRs to flights, as required by HMRC, to obtain positive clearance to fly.

Courier Sheds

  • Import and export declarations
  • Manifesting
  • Gate passes


  • Import and export declarations
  • Document Unique Consignment Reference (DUCR) / Master Unique Consignment Reference (MUCR).

Technical Specification

To ensure users have the best experience of CNS air Courier a version of Internet Explorer must be installed.