CNS gateway CHIEF

CNSgatewayCHIEF delivers reliable, high performance messaging and screen connectivity to the HMRC CHIEF system. The product offers a premium clearance service for business critical frontier declarations anda reporting service for post-shipment declarations. Customers can view messages processed byCNSgatewayCHIEF through the CNS website.

The clearance service guarantees a response within 30 seconds, subject to CHIEF availability and performance. It also includes access to the CNS Helpdesk and technical support for connectivity issues 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The reporting service guarantees a response within 2 minutes for interactive message activity, subject to CHIEF availability and performance. An equivalent throughput is guaranteed for batch messaging. Our helpdesk and technical support is available for the reporting service during business hours.

CNSgatewayCHIEF can process import supplementary declarations and export declarations for any UK location. All import frontier declarations for cargo at CNS sites must be submitted through CNSgatewayCHIEF.

Customers with software supporting EDIFACT messages can exchange messages with CNSgatewayCHIEF through the high performance CNS CCMI web-service. Most software providers already support this interface, contact your supplier for further information. Customers with their own systems should contact CNS for further information on connectivity options.

CNSgatewayCHIEF also provides access to CHIEF HCI screens. This enables users to view the status of entries within the HMRC CHIEF system, and to perform any HMRC CHIEF transaction. Users requiring CHIEF HCI screens will require Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or later.