Inventory Linking

Inventory Linking, what will this mean for me?

HMRC are considering using the new Union Customs Code (UCC) to require all temporary storage facilities to operate using an HMRC-approved inventory system. You may be wondering exactly what an inventory system is and what benefits it brings?

If you are then you have come to the right people - CNS - It's what we do.

We understand that as with any change it may be daunting. That's why we believe talking to CNS is the right move. As experts in our field we have been providing Inventory systems to the logistics and freight industry since the 80's. Trust us; we know exactly what we are doing.

In everyday language an inventory system is a way of controlling and monitoring cargo moving through temporary storage facilities. An inventory system keeps all the cargo information in one place allowing it to move smoothly through frontiers.

The inventory system also provides the link reference when declaring cargo to HMRC CHIEF (Customs Handling Import Export Freight). Automated messaging means cargo will show cleared in the inventory as soon as it is cleared in CHIEF, taking the uncertainty and hassle out of doing business.

What Benefits will I have?

Key benefits are compliance and automation, removing the worry and stress out of your everyday business. The inventory linking service allows you to take complete control of cargo under your responsibility, from managing receipt right through to loading or release.

Your customers will also benefit from your innovation, being able to track cargo statuses on familiar systems, significantly improving efficiency of the process. No more paper clearances!

CNS is ready - are you?

Like you, we don't want to be working with complicated, confusing systems. Our proven inventory system is CNS Compass, a web based simple to use and easy to navigate application. Tasks such as uploading manifests and arriving exports are straight forward in CNS Compass. You will be supported 24/7 by a best in class industry experienced helpdesk┬┐.where you can always talk to a dedicated person during your working hours! We guarantee you will receive a first class service. CNS has a deserved reputation for delivering reliable, efficient and easy to use solutions for inventory linking.

Existing customers will be able to use their existing licence, keeping the cost down - With financial control a priority CNS provides a cost effective solution for both you and your customers.

Call us now on 02380 799608 or 07545969165 and speak to our commercial team or email for more details.