CNS Compass

Overview of Compass

CNS Compass offers a dedicated service focussed on ensuring that goods can move smoothly through the port for all stakeholders in the port communities, by providing inventory control and connection to the Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) CHIEF system. CNS Compass links port and terminal operators, regulatory bodies (such as HMRC, Port Health and DEFRA), shipping lines, freight forwarders, logistics operators and hauliers, providing instant visibility to the right people across the network to facilitate the throughput of trade across UK frontiers.

  • Provides electronic access to the HMRC CHIEF system for automatic customs clearance.
  • Offers inventory control and links to the terminal operating systems for the movement of goods in and out of those facilities.
  • Allows freight forwarders and logistics operators to monitor the progress of their clients' cargo, arrange pick-up and delivery of consignments and move goods between locations.

Some of the benefits of CNS Compass include

  • An intuitive browser interface, making it easy to navigate through processes which use industry recognised terminology.
  • All relevant information on a single screen.
  • An audit trail of changes - CNS Compass tracks the progress and changes of cargo from start to finish.
  • Flexible document routing.
  • Single sign-on access across sites - each user has a unique username and password.

CNS Compass is speedy, efficient, smooth and accessible as it processes cargo through the following ports and inland destinations:

Technical Specification

To ensure users have the best experience of CNS Compass a version of Internet Explorer must be installed. CNS Compass supports Internet Explorer 7 or a later.