CNS Test System Availability

At CNS we understand that to get things right takes practice. We also know that practicing in production environments can be a tricky business.

CNS has a test environment that we use to test enhancements and changes to our products in association with customers. With the pressure off we test until we get it absolutely right, maintaining our reputation for integrity and reliability.

CNS would expect to test new services with our customers under controlled conditions, however we appreciate that there may be a time that our customers may be looking to have access to our system to complete testing of their own.

To request access to CNS test systems you will need to drop the CNS Helpdesk a line asking to be connected and the reason for your testing.

This request will be considered and responded to within a working day. Successful requests will require setting up which can take up to 3 working days. The Helpdesk will work with you to get the information required to make the connection.

It is worth noting and to set your expectations, the test system is exactly that, a test system. At times our products may not exactly mirror our production environments, as we may be testing changes ourselves. There may be times when the test system is not available because we are working on it.

You can also expect times when the test system is simply unavailable. Taking test systems off air allows us to carry out development work in a safe environment. Please bear with us in these circumstances, this can happen at any time and CNS would not publish these outages.

As you can imagine, CNS does not offer out of office support for test environments. Our Helpdesk team here to take you calls between 0700 and 1930 Monday to Friday, and are happy to assist during these times.

For more information or to request access please drop our helpdesk a line at We look forward to hearing from you.